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External Uses for a Steel Door: Sheds and Outbuildings

Securing your home is not just about securing the bricks and mortar of your house, many of us have outbuildings such as sheds, summer houses or perhaps you’ve installed your dream man cave. Often these buildings contain some pretty expensive equipment so have you ever thought about how to add extra security to your outbuilding?  What about a steel security door?

During October it’s National Home Security Month which is all about giving you practical advice on keeping your home protected, but being practical doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too. Purchasing a door with a wood effect finish, or customising a steel door can help you to integrate it not just into your home, but into your existing garden and outdoor buildings too.

Elite Steel Door Options

One option when looking for a door to fit an external building is choosing from our Elite Steel Door range. With uncanny wood effect finishes, an Elite door could really suit almost any requirement and seamlessly integrate with any building.

As one of our most secure ranges, the Elite Steel Doors benefit from a wraparound frame, our high security multi-point locking system and the addition of the hook lock system giving an uncompromising level of security.

Currently on Sale and in stock for immediate dispatch or collection perhaps an Elite Steel Door is the option for you?

Customise your Door with Colour

Powder coating is a great place to start when it comes to customisation. With a wide range of colours, you can choose the one which best fits your building. We use the full RAL colour chart when powder coating on our stock doors. Standard and special colours are available, but if you have a really specific project we can also source a custom colour to suit.

Adding Texture to a stock Steel Doorpicture of an Ultra Double Door with one door blank and one with timber cladding

Another option when thinking about how to integrate a steel door into your external buildings is by adding cladding to the door. Cladding is a material which can be fixed directly to a wall or nailed onto timber. What we’ve also discovered is that you can also add timber cladding to a steel security door.

Aesthetically, cladding allows you to further customise your door so that it will fit into any environment, either by adding a specific texture or a more intricate design. It’s also a very affordable solution.

Cladding in Practice

One of our team here at Latham’s recently decided to build an amazing outdoor space his whole family could use to enjoy the garden in their home. Starting with an Ultra Double Steel Door, he spent approximately £30 on materials to give the door an amazing timber effect. As you can see in this image, by screwing timber cladding onto the steel door, this gives his building the security benefits of a steel door whilst still keeping the look and style of the timber unit.

You may have the impression that a steel security door is only suitable for use in an industrial or commercial unit, but as you can see from the above image, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The finished unit looks amazing and clearly shows how a steel security door can be customised to integrate seamlessly into a home outbuilding or shed.


With Steel Security Doors starting from just £139.99+VAT or a Security Front Door  from just £450.00+VAT they are a cost-effective way to increase the level of security in your home or external building. Contact us to discuss your requirements, our team are here to help.