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Latham’s stock a specially designed door for safe room and gun room applications, the Ultra High Security Steel Door – and when we say ‘ultra’, we really aren’t kidding. Also now available in a STS202 BR2 tested steel door.
Safe rooms are typically used to store very valuable or dangerous items – items which intruders may even plan to get their hands on. Gun rooms are also, obviously, used to store dangerous equipment that is crucial no one handles except those who are supposed to. These applications need some of the best security and absolutely no shortcuts or compromises to quality should be taken. In a previous article, we outline some of the reasons why it is legally required to make your safe/gun room secure.
The weight and the dimensions of our Ultra High Security Door speak for themselves: weighing over 250kg, it has a 3mm steel structure and a 6mm solid steel outer skin. This is a door that’ll prevent access to even professional intruders.
Our locking mechanism is equally impressive. We use a bespoke locking mechanism which uses six 20mm solid stainless steel bolts into the frame, meaning that every angle and every entry point is covered and secure. There are no ‘weak spots’ here.
We know that safe rooms are often used to contain items which can be subject to damage from environmental conditions, which is why our Ultra-High Security Doors are as safe from weather and dampness as our other options.
We are now proud to offer the Ultra High steel security doorset in a STS202 BR2 tested form. Like all of our doors, we can provide a number of accessories that will allow you to specialise your door for your needs. The STS202 BR2 equipment is a great example of this with it tried and tested ability. Offering the Ultra upgrade stainless steel Hooply 6101 handles combined with a British 3* kite marked cylinder, it allows you to be confident your possessions are safe. Visibility can be crucially important – if you’re in a safe room and someone wishes to enter, how can you be sure it is who you think it is? We can include 13.8mm anti-bandit glass to the door to allow you excellent visibility, or
alternatively, a simple spy hole, so that your vision isn’t restricted.
Keeping with our philosophy that steel security doors can be as attractive as ordinary doors, we can offer a range of finishes. A wood grain powder coat can give the door a natural appearance, while a specialised powder coating or primed finish can give you more options to tailor the look of your door.
So, if you’re looking for a security door for a safe or gun room, please get in touch with us today.