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In 2013 the headline estimate for crimes against households and resident adults was down by 7% compared to the previous year, which as a vague estimate sounds brilliant. However when you realise that the latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) found that there were 8.5 million crimes experienced by households and resident adults in that time, it is clear to see that burglary and theft is still a huge problem and one that you need to learn to defend yourself against. Knowledge is the most valuable form of deterrent.

1. Home Security System

A functioning alarm system on one of the best methods for deterring and combatting criminals and thieves. Many people steer clear of home security systems as they believe them to be incredibly high tech and expensive but this isn’t always the case. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to purchase and fit one, and having a lower range cheaper model is still better than not having one at all.
Once installed, make it clear that you have a home security system by putting all relevant signage in clear, visible places. Burglar’s are far less likely to attempt to break into a home that is openly and clearly well protected.

2. Lock Up Your Home

Police have often found that a large number of burglaries are opportunistic. Thieves will take advantage of unlocked homes and will view them as an open invitation so make sure your doors and windows are locked at night and when there is nobody home. If your valuables are kept in a safe, make sure that it is kept locked and that the key and/or passcode are hidden.
This extends to your garage, a common entry point for a burglar. Keep your garage door closed, an open garage door simply advertises your home to criminals that are looking for an easy target.
Protecting access points is essential, and our collection of high security doors with or without our security accessories can ensure that entry points are particularly difficult for intruders to navigate.
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3. Don’t Advertise Your Valuables

If you buy a new gadget or toy, break up the boxes and packaging that it arrived in before throwing it in the bin or in the recycling. Thieves are known for checking your rubbish for recognisable high quality logos such as Apple or Nike and using that as a guideline for the valuables that you keep in your home.
Think about how your house looks on the outside- can you see your widescreen television through the living room windows, or you iPod on the windowsill in the bathroom? Glimpses such as these attract criminals and advertise your personal wealth.
Once a burglar is inside your home they will make a beeline for you bedroom as that is where the most jewellery and cash are usually kept. Protect you valuables by keeping the most precious of them outside of the bedroom and stored elsewhere. Why not have a Georgian six panel security door
http://www.ajsteeldoors.co.uk/en/products/panelled-security-doors/ as an entry point to a safe room?

4. Don’t Provide Shelter

Creating a clear line of vision from the street to your home will deter criminals as their actions will become more public and on display. Police suggest making your house as visible as possible, not only because thieves will have nowhere to hide but also to allow for a faster emergency response. A clear house number and obvious location helps them find and aid you quicker.
Maintain your front and back garden by cutting back any tree branches and shrubs that a criminal could hide in. You can use landscaping and gardening to deter thieves by planting thorny bushes and plants around possible access points such as low first floor windows.
Abundant bushes and trees make great cover for a thief as they try to make their escape from your home with your valuables. Don’t provide this escape route to a thief, they will be far less likely to rob your home if they can’t see a way out.

5. Create A Community

Having a strong, neighbourly community can greatly affect the likelihood of a burglary in your area. You won’t always be home 24/7 so it can be reassuring to know that somebody else is keeping an eye on your property.
Neighbourhood Watch programmes can ensure your street has consistent protection and security and deter criminals. Tight knit communities support one another and report any suspicious activity whenever they spot it. Having a strong neighbourly presence is particularly reassuring when you’re on holiday as you’ll know that your home is safe under a watchful eye.

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