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It is only human nature to want to protect your home and in the UK there are many ways, means and systems on the market that claim to provide such security. Unfortunately, it is difficult to decipher which ones are the right ones for you, which ones can really be beneficial and which ones will realistically add that extra security where needed.

You must ponder the questions, which ones really work? Am I wasting my money? And how do I tell the good from the bad. With so many options, questions and sales pitches from numerous companies out there, here at Latham’s Security Doorsets, we thought it best to help you find some ‘do it yourself’ alternatives that really do work and the reasoning behind them.

This will hopefully give you the peace of mind that you are looking for and help you to spend your hard earned money in areas that really matter and will actually make a difference to the security and safety of your home.

Some quick information – just to give you an idea; when home security companies analyse  a property, they look at three elements to create an effective home security system and these are time, light and noise. The experts in the home security field focus on these fundamentals and create multiple layers within a security system, the more layers they create, in reality, should mean a more effective system, and therefore be more successful in discouraging home invasions. It will also be quite apparent that the more layers of security the more complex the system and therefore a bigger price tag to match.

In our expert opinion, we here at Latham’s think that whilst a lot of security systems on the market such as cameras etc are a very good idea, all these bells and whistles of complex alarm systems are not all that necessary and can be a waste of money. What we wanted to try and get across is that, if a determined criminal wants to enter your property he most likely will try and therefore, it is more important to create a barrier to prevent such criminals gaining access to your property and facilities to catch them in the act, more than a costly deterrent.


Affordable Do-It-Yourself Home Security

Regardless of the sophistication level of your security system, there are steps that you can take to reduce the risks of a home burglary. The first very important step is to assess the home’s access points.

If the doors, windows and garage are not secure, the home is at risk. Securing doors and windows is where every security system should begin. To assess the access points properly, try to think about how difficult it would be for a burglar to open a door or window and gain access into your home.

  • When considering your doors, you may not know where to start, so try thinking about these questions:
  • What does your door comprise of? Is it solid? Timber? UPVc??
  • What does the frame comprise of? Is that solid? Is it in keeping with your door security?
  • Are the hinges protected so that they could not be jemmied with a crowbar?
  • If the door has a glass pane, is it secure?
  • Is the frame bolted and secure? How many locking points do you actually have? Why not count them?
  • Was the door installed properly?
  • Are the locks strong? Do they have extra security features such as insurance approved anti bump, pick, drill & snap cylinders?

Apply similar questions to the garage and to the home’s windows. Locking mechanisms with windows are an important consideration. In existing homes, upgrades are often necessary. If you acquired an existing home, you should immediately change all door locks and get new keys.

If your existing doors have a euro cylinder then we, along with local locksmiths offer upgraded euro cylinders for just £25 + VAT; a very simple, quick and effective way of immediately increasing security if you are not yet in a position to replace the whole door.


Why steel doors?

Whatever type of door you have it may be interesting for you to know that steel doors are now the favourite for security experts. They are safe, secure, and durable and believe it or not are actually now quite attractive.

A steel door sends a signal to a prospective burglar that this home will take time to penetrate and in effect can be a main deterrent in itself, without the need for spending money on an elaborate security system.

At Latham’s we pride ourselves with our high level of security doors and our high quality stock door range. Priced from as little as £139.99 + VAT our standard duty personnel doors seem to be the most popular doors for our customers home’s as they are reasonably priced and the panelled version brings an attractive aesthetic to your home as well as the security.

Not only that but with a 19 point locking system as standard; comprising of 15 ‘moving’ parts and 4 dog bolts into the steel frame (which is included), the standard of security you get from these doors is staggering!! If that wasn’t enough for you, for an extra £50 we find a lot of our customers then upgrade to our heavy duty doors and now we are even stocking a further security upgrade with our Ultra Duty Doors.

For customers who want the very best and that added sense of security, for £298.49 + VAT you cannot go wrong with these. The ultra doors provide thicker galvanised steel, a unique anti jemmy bar lip, better insulation, upgraded shoot bolts and stainless steel handles as standard! For under £300 and for the level of security they provide, they are definitely worth their weight in gold! Having a varied range of stock doors with different duties, allows you to make your own decision on what level of security you want and also budget for that purchase without breaking the bank!

Improving the home’s external security is the most effective way to deal with the time element that burglars do not like. Their goal is to get in and get out. Doors, windows and garages offer opportunities but if you turn these into obstacles, these affordable and necessary improvements can be the deciding factor of whether your home becomes a target for burglary.


Adding extra security to your doors                                                                                         

If you already have a steel door from us or you are looking to purchase one but still want more security for your money than we can help you make an educated decision on what extras will be best for you. As well as calling our customer service advisors for any extra help, we will give you a quick run-down of what our security upgrades can do for you and your home.


Security Cylinder Upgrade

As mentioned earlier one of the most frequently purchased upgrades with our doors is our security cylinder upgrade. For just £25 + VAT the cylinder upgrade ensures your new lock is anti pick, anti snap, anti drill, anti bump and anti pull. This may be something you purchase just as a stop gap until you replace your entire door so why not give us a call to see if this would be possible. A great upgrade for not a lot of money!!


Upgraded handles

Unless you are purchasing a door where our upgraded handles are included (Such as our ultra door) you do have the option to upgrade them from an additional £35 +VAT. The advantages of our upgraded Hooply handles compared to standard issue handles are that they are more robust and rust proof. Not only that, but the Hooply handles feature stainless steel cylinder covers which provide more secure, longer lasting and maintenance free protection for your cylinder.


Other cheap ways of increasing home security

Dummy Cameras

Dummy cameras may seem like a thing of the past but actually, it is a fact that criminal activity is reduced in areas where a CCTV camera is visible, so for just £4.99, put a Latham’s dummy camera in a highly visibly area showing the red flashing led and feel even more comfortable that your property is at even less risk of a break in. You may want to place it in your porch or entrance where it is not encroaching on your internal decor but still highly visible to potential intruders. For such a small sum, it is money well spent on something that is a proven preventative.

Security Lights

One of the most effective techniques to incorporate light into your home security system is with the use of security lights. Positioning lights activated by motion around the exterior of your home and garage can chase a burglar away before they get started as it will increase visibility and attract attention of neighbouring properties and passers-by. Security lights come in two forms. Wired and Solar. If you wish to fit these yourself, purchasing solar powered security lights require just a drill and a ladder to fit.

If you want do want further help and advice on how you can increase your home security on a budget, please contact our customer advisors who are always more than happy to help with any queries.