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Burglary involves much more than just the theft of belongings. The act of home invasion is incredibly upsetting and can often leave homeowners with feelings of anxiety or fear for many months after the incident has taken place.


The Statistics

Recent research into the aftereffects of burglary says that in the last five years, one in five Britons affected by burglary has felt angry (44%), shocked (43%) and upset (39%) as a direct result of the incident.

More worrying, many victims report changes to their behaviour after a burglary, with 27% experiencing newfound paranoia about their home security, and 14% feeling the need to leave their lights on at night.

The newest statistics suggest that one in eight burglary victims never recovers emotionally from the experience, leading to lifelong complications and psychological distress.


Home protection

Often the best security measures are the simplest, crossing functionality with the protection you need to secure your home and ensure peace of mind.

Motion detector lights. Inexpensive and responsive to movement, motion detector lights will quite literally illuminate any home invasion threats before they have happened. A handful of well-placed lights at hidden, concealed or otherwise difficult to monitor locations around your property will make it impossible for a potential burglar to approach your home without your notice.

CCTV. Another excellent deterrent, external cameras promise to record footage of would-be burglars in the act, dissuading opportunistic criminals and reinforcing your home security against more determined invaders. Because CCTV captures footage, it can also be used at a later date as evidence in court, in the event that a burglary does take place on your property. Camera footage is a source of strong, objective evidence.

Locks. Extra measures can mean the difference between a jimmied door and a secure residence. Locks come in a huge range of styles and standards to suit any external door.

For the ultimate in home security, consider applying our Code Lock to your high-importance doors, ideal when you need to restrict access to certain authorised individuals.

Steel Security Doors. Secure your home against illegal entry with a set of steel doors. Stronger than wood or PVC, our Steel Security Doors boast a 19 point locking system as standard, including four dog bolts and a latch. Available in a huge range of sizes.

  • High quality draught and weatherproof seals
  • Anti jemmy lips all around the door leaf
  • Precise dimensions, for the perfect fit into your structural opening
  • Reinforced fixing plates
  • Added strengthening plates
  • Drill and impact resistant cylinders available 
  • A minimum 19 point locking system, including dog bolts and latches
  • Fully welded construction for maximum strength
  • Heavy duty white textured polyester powder coated finish

Prices start from as little as £139.99 + VAT. Check out our full range of industry-leading Steel Security Doors for yourself here.

Protecting against the distress of burglary doesn’t have to be difficult. Whichever methods you choose, the addition of a motion detection light or a Steel Security Door can make all the difference, securing your property and your peace of mind.

Our industry-leading Steel Security Doors guarantee your home security. Call Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us here to find out more about how we can help you.