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It is a basic human right that we should all feel safe and secure in our own homes. There are many modern security options on the market to increase home security, ranging from state-of-the art burglar alarms to high-tech surveillance cameras.

But many people can’t afford these options. So what can you do to protect your home if you’re on a budget?

Your doors are a first point of entry for would-be intruders. Here are some suggestions for strengthening your home’s access points without having to spend a fortune on fancy gadgets.


Your locks

Many older locks are surrounded by a crumbling trim that’s easy to pick away. If this is the case, of if your lock is outdated (for example a traditional rim or mortice lock) consider installing a deadbolt lock for added security.

A deadbolt lock uses a thick metal bar that slides into place with a spring mechanism. Single cylinder deadbolts are safer if fire safety is a concern as there is no need to use a key on the interior side; it has a twist mechanism on the inside of the door.


Security trim

Another way of securing your front door is to install a security trim to strengthen the surrounding door frame. A security trim is a cost-effective option if you can’t afford to replace the entire door. When installed correctly, the trim covers the door fixings, deterring tampering, vandalism and eventual break-ins.

A security trim will also level out the door surrounds and fill in any gaps, therefore saving you heating costs by fully insulating your door. A security trim is fast and simple to install and adds a clean finish to your existing door.


Reinforce your front door

Does your front door offer a high level of security? Most people don’t even consider changing their entrance. Yet old, wooden or glass-panelled front doors are an invitation to burglars.

An intruder can easily force a hollow door. To check whether your door is hollow or not, simply knock on it.

One option is to invest in a secure, multi-point locking steel door that is strong enough to withstand the most determined break-in. Steel doors are also rot resistant and won’t absorb moisture like wooden doors. For extra security add a trim to hide fixtures and prevent tampering.


Outside lighting

An affordable way to protect your exterior doors and entranceways is to install LED motion monitoring lights. An infrared light will activate when it detects movement, deterring potential intruders.

For an even more cost-effective solution, consider solar powered security lights. These are a good way of illuminating your garden area and the entrance way up to your front door.


Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets

At Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets we offer high-quality security solutions for your home. We offer an extensive range of steel security doorsets at affordable prices, including accessories and security products that are easy to install.

In particular, our security trims have proved to be one of the most cost effective ways of securing your exterior doors.

To find out more about our range of home security products, call Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets today on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us here.