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Tips To Protect Firearms From Crime

Protecting guns and firearms is challenging for residential users, professional guns owners and for gamekeepers. Persons licensed to possess firearms bear the responsibility of safe storage and regular maintenance. When it comes to protecting your investment in firearms, “safety first” is the best approach. The alternative can lead to unfortunate and even deadly errors.

Different gun owners use different approaches to gun storage. Many persons who possess firearms do not have the budgets to build and maintain the safest of all alternatives, the steel enclosed gun room. Persons in the business of having firearms are often mandated to provide the ultimate gun room in order to keep their insurance premiums at manageable levels.

Whether you have a licensed gun for your own property protection, or whether you are a gamekeeper that uses firearms for business purposes, you need to be sure that you can adequately protect your weapons from the threat of burglary.

With strict regulations surrounding gun law in the UK, it is essential to adhere to the rules and secure your firearms.

In this article, we look at a few methods of securing firearms in the home;

Lock Box

Lock boxes are popular with gun owners. Lock boxes can be purchased for as little as £40.00. The inexpensive lockbox offers no security in itself. Most are portable and can be carried away by the burglar or even someone in the residence.

Lock boxes can be purchase in plastic. Basically, this lock box provides nothing more than a place to put the gun.

The Home Safe

The Home Safe is another, more appealing and secure option. However, the home safe is not a good environment for the operation of the weapon. The safe may give the gun owner peace of mind but while the safe may provide thermal protection from a fire, it offers an environment that is dry and may shorten the life of the gun.

Safes with humidity can cause the gun to rust and thus operate dangerously. And, as a general rule most safes are portable and can be removed by a burglar.

The Dedicated Gun Room

Not all gun rooms are created equally. For person responsible for numbers of guns and who rely on those guns for their livelihood, gun rooms can serve many purposes including storage and dedicated maintenance areas.

High end, secure gun rooms contain work areas for regular maintenance, gun racks that are usually secure and are climate controlled. The walls and entry systems are steel, fire retardant and virtually impenetrable.

Sheet metal and keyed locks ensure safety. As secure as these rooms are, they can appear amazingly subtle, looking like any other entry door to any other room in the residence. The most elaborate guns rooms can be a fairly expensive proposition but if guns and safety are your business, investing in gun safety is a wise investment.

Good gun rooms can also greatly reduce the insurance premiums for gun owners. Over time, these rooms will pay for themselves by prolonging the life of the gun and by reducing insurance premiums. Be safe, be smart and be responsible by researching building a gun room in your home or business property.

In order to make your gun room access points safe, Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets offer some high quality and ultra-strong steel door solutions. These doors are cost-efficient but highly effective in preventing intruders and burglars, whilst offering ideal subtlety for the home.

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