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Dummy Cameras

By far the cheapest way to deter criminals is with dummy cameras. Of course, not as effective as genuine CCTV (mentioned below), for as little as £4.99, you cannot argue with the value for money with the prospect of what criminal activity it could deter.

Security Lights

Security lights are one of the most cost effective ways to deter people from trespassing on your property. Although nowhere near as good as a physical barrier (like a steel door, or a lockable gate), they do act to highlight anyone who may be thinking of breaking in to your home or business. This goes a long way to deterring them from making a break-in attempt, although it won’t discourage a determined thief.

Security Doors

Being a security door company, it only makes sense that we recommend a security door as one of the most cost effective ways to improve your property’s overall security. Starting from only £139.99+VAT, our steel doors are much more affordable than many realise. They aren’t only for commercial and industrial applications; our georgian 6 panel security door, paired with our UPVC style door handle is excellent for residential use!


CCTV used to be an expensive solution for home and business security, but with improvements in technology, the price of web based camera security has become extremely affordable. £100 should get you an entry level system and software setup which will allow you to check what is going on at your home or business whilst you are away!

Falsified Activity

A somewhat clichéd but very effective burglar deterrent; when you’re not home, pretend you are! Particularly when going away for extended periods of time, make sure to put lamps/lights on timers, and perhaps leave the radio on. Also ask a friendly neighbour to clear any obvious signs that you aren’t home (newspapers and mail for example).
A great tip is to ask a neighbour to park one of their cars on your drive whilst you are away!


Trim back trees and bushes that are starting to encroach on the access points of your home or business. A large bush by your front door is a great hiding spot for a potential burglar, and larger trees offer great access to the top floor windows and any balconies your property may have!

We have covered some of the most cost effective ways to massively improve the security of your home or business property. The most effective security systems will make use of all the above!