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So you’ve been successful in building or constructing your concrete garage and now you’re posed with the question of how do I make it secure?

What security door do you opt for? What security measures can you take to ensure that your power tools, your cars and any other personal items that can be of significant value are kept safe  and secure? Maybe your garage door is integral and provides a link between your garage and your family home, so you need to ask yourself, do you need a security door that is fire resistant and adds extra safety precautions for you and your family?

There are many things to contemplate and it can be difficult to choose the right security door for your garage, so here at Latham’s Security Doorsets we can provide guidance and give you a few things you might want to consider. 


Why use a steel door and not a composite door?

You may ask yourself the question of why you need a steel security door at all. Why not just use a regular UPVC composite door? They may look appealing to the eye but are they really secure enough to protect the valuables that you may have in your garage? With the array of steel security doors you can now choose from, you can have the best of both worlds. At Latham’s Security Doorsets our wide range includes security doors that are aesthetically pleasing, which may be of great importance if your door will be integral from the garage directly into your home, whilst also providing a secure barrier against any determined criminals. An example of this is our (19 Point Locking Security Steel Door Set with Panelled Design (Standard Duty) )


What level of security do you want or need from your door?

The first thing you need to consider is the risk factor, how likely is it that your garage will be a target of crime and what strength do you require from your security door?  Although you can never guarantee that your garage will be entirely secure, there are factors that make it a less likely target. For example, is your garage overlooked?

You will find that garages in built up areas that are overlooked by neighbours are less likely to be targets of crime and therefore you may be ok with a standard duty security door. The most problematic garages are detached, set to the back of the garden or part of a block of garages. These ‘types of garages’ may benefit from a heavy duty security door that is built from stronger and thicker steel.

At Latham’s Security Doorsets we provide a wide range of both standard duty doors and heavy duty doors to suit your needs. Our standard duty security doors start from as little as £139.99+VAT but for just an extra £50 you can upgrade to the heavy duty doors which start at £189.99+VAT, in reflection, a small price to pay for the money you may save on insurance excesses in the unfortunate event of a burglary.


Have you thought about whether your security door needs to be fire resistant?

When choosing your security door for your garage it is worth knowing that if you live in a modern house it is almost a necessity to ensure your door is fire rated. This can ensure that it will be fire resistant for at least ½ hour leaving ample time for you to take appropriate action in the unlikely event of an emergency in your home.

A lot of fire rated doors out there don’t have the added features for security, but did you know that here at Latham’s Security Doorsets our heavy duty range includes secure steel doors with a minimum of a 19 point locking system and a ½ hour fire rating which means you can have peace of mind that your new door is secure and safe.


Will I need to still use padlocks or any added security locking mechanisms?

You will need to ensure when purchasing a security door for your garage that it holds all the security features you require. For example all our personnel doors come with a multi point locking system as standard. Out with the old traditional security methods of composite doors with bulky padlocks and chains and in with the new methods of keeping your garage secure with a steel security door.

You will find that nowadays security doors have integrated protection against breaking and entering as standard but there are extra precautions you can take to keep your garage safer and more secure. At Latham’s Security Doorsets we offer extras such as;

  •  Security upgrade handles are more robust and secure whilst also allowing you to personalise your door with the large variety of different styles offered.
  • Security cylinders adding features of  Anti Pick, Anti Snap, Anti Drill, Anti Bump and Anti Pull to your lock
  • Hooply Lock Case (Panic Escape)  a higher security sash lock 


Steel doors may be more secure but are they appealing to the eye?

The simple answer is yes! Although you may already have an idea of how steel doors may look, you may be surprised to learn that our steel doors are very aesthetically pleasing as well as secure. At Latham’s Security Doorsets we also offer a range of vision panels and louvre panels that can be added to our doors, in any arrangement with either the option to fit them yourself with our DIY kit (that is supplied) or you also have the option for your panels to be sprayed and fitted by our professionals for only an extra £50 per panel. Our range can be found here.

For further guidance or advice on these feel free to contact our customer advisors at [email protected]

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