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In the UK, the need for effective and affordable home security is on the minds of homeowners. The security industry promotes systems with all the bells and whistles but many consumers have been disappointed with these systems and have taken it upon themselves to find do-it-yourself solutions.

There are three elements in every effective home security system: time, light and noise. All home security experts report that effective systems contain multiple layers focused upon these elements. The more layers the security system has, the more effective it will be in discouraging home invasions.

Most homeowners equate multiple layers with added cost. But, let’s be clear, there are certain security layers that are very necessary and do not cost very much at all. The presence of these layers can make the home extremely secure and safe while the absence of these layers can compromise any security system and put the residents and their possessions at risk.

In other words, if you acquire the most expensive, expansive security system on the market and the basic elements are not addressed, the home remains at risk. There are definite do-it-yourself components of every home security system and the sooner these are implemented, the safer the home will be and the more effective the overall security system will be.

Affordable Do-It-Yourself Home Security Tasks

Regardless of the sophistication level of your security system, there are steps the homeowner can do to reduce the risks of a home burglary. The first very important step is to assess the home’s access points.

If the doors, windows and garage are not secure, the home is at risk. Securing doors and windows is where every security system should begin. To assess the access points properly, try to think about how difficult it would be for a burglar to open a security door, a window or break through a door or window in a forced entry.

When considering your doors, assess these characteristics:

  • Is the door construction strong?
  • Is the euro cylinder kitemarked and insurance approved?
  • If the door has a glass pane, is it secure?
  • Is the frame fixed with the strongest fixings possible?
  • Is the door installed properly?

Are the locks strong? A multi point locking system is an industry standard nowadays.

Apply similar questions to the garage and to the home’s windows. Locking mechanisms with windows are an important consideration. In existing homes, upgrades are often necessary. If you acquired an existing home, you should immediately change all door locks with security euro cylinders and get new coded keys.

Steel doors are the favourite for security experts. They are secure, durable, cost effective whilst still being attractive. A security door sends a signal to a prospective burglar that this home will take time to penetrate. In some cases, the property is inspected before a burglary is attempted. If the prospective burglar spots the multi point locking system, it can be enough to deter them in the first place.

Improving the home’s external security is the most effective way to deal with the time element that burglars do not like. Their goal is to get in and get out. Doors, windows and garages offer opportunities to add layers of protection. These improvements are affordable and necessary.

Consider an upgraded FD30 security door between your kitchen/utility and garage. Therefore, if entry is gained into the garage (traditionally a very susceptible part of a house), they cannot then easily gain entry into the house.

Increasing the Noise

There are many sounds that can be used by security systems. Every home should have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and burglar alarm system use sirens and loud blaring sounds to announce an intruder. These are great deterrents but an experienced burglar can disarm a system with surprising ease.

Another important consideration should be an intercom system. These are easily installed and are cost effective. With a good intercom, the homeowner does not have to open the door unless the visitor has identified themselves.

The security system alarm should be viewed as the last line of defense when it comes to noise. The challenge for the homeowner is to support the alarm system with other noise layers.

Installing Layers of Light

One of the most effective techniques to incorporate light into your home security system is with the use of motion detectors. Positioning lights activated by motion around the exterior of the house and garage can chase a burglar away before they get started.

Many of today’s security systems begin to flash lights and to blare an alarm when the system has been breached. This can be shocking but thorough coverage around the perimeter of the house with motion detectors and a healthy number of lights will discourage burglars before they try to gain access. Burglars do not like to be exposed and when exterior lights start going on, someone will notice and burglars know that.

Another layer that do-it-your-selfers can add is video imaging. Today, interior and exterior cameras can be connected to your iPhone or iPad so that the homeowner receives an alert if the cameras pickup any imaging. Properly placed cameras can discourage potential burglars and definitely increase the homeowner’s involvement. The cameras can be placed inside and outside the home.

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