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Firstly, did you know that 70% of burglars enter your property through a door, which is staggering, especially when you consider the other points of entry that may be available to them? Maybe it is because it is the least precarious, as most people will not look twice at a person struggling to enter a door versus someone climbing into a property through the window. Maybe it is because a door is the biggest opportunity, as even a slightly tempted burglar passing by may try their luck at a door to possible value. Whatever the reason may be, we here at Latham’s Security Doorsets thought it best to give a quick, clear 7 step guide on how to make your door and property secure and also point you in the right direction using our recommended products as an example.

 Step 1 – Get The Real Steel

You may think us biased; being a company dedicated to high quality steel doors, but the advantages of having a steel door over a standard timber or UPVc composite door speaks volumes.

  • 10 times more secure than a standard timber or UPVc door
  • Just as aesthetically pleasing
  • Low maintenance, maximum security!

As an example, at Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets, when focusing just on the material element, one of our most popular personnel doors features;

  • Door Frame: 1.2mm pre-lacquered cold rolled steel
  • Door Leaf: Double skinned 0.6mm pre-lacquered cold rolled steel
  • Fully welded construction for optimum strength (all of door leaf and frame)
  • At least 3 Solid Stainless steel heavy duty hinges
  • Reinforced fixing plates


Step 2 – Consider Going Windowless

Windows can make it easy for a burglar if they are able to break through to access manually operated thumb turns or reach nearby keys to your door. Please try to avoid these common errors and here are a few tips and alternative suggestions we make to our customers

  • Think about the location of your vision panel – don’t put it near the locks or anywhere that makes gaining access easier to burglars
  • Consider using a self adhesive frosted film to obscure opportunists’ view into your property
  • Consider using Polycarbonate panels as opposed to glass. Although we offer toughened glass as standard, Polycarbonate is considerably stronger then glass and shatter resistant. At Latham’s we offer polycarbonate as an option and can even fit the panels for you once given the specification required.


Step 3 – Don’t Give Them Cover

Trees and shrubbery may be a nice idea but make sure you don’t enclose your entrance to much. By giving opportunist criminals cover they will have more time where they are almost invisible to possible witnesses making your property less secure.

TOP TIP: if you cannot avoid this problem, maybe your entrance door is in an alleyway. Why not fix a dummy camera? Latham’s Security Doorsets’ ‘Dummy’ CCTV cameras priced at just £4.99 plus VAT. Easy to install and with a low price tag, these dummy cameras are proven to be a deterrent to criminals, so why not add that extra bit of security. Place these cameras in a highly visible area and let the flashing red light ward off any criminal activity.


Step 4 – Have A Good Lock

A high security locking system is a must have when looking to optimise the security of the doors on your property. Many suppliers have many different locking systems and their definition of what is most secure differs. At Latham’s we ensure that all our doors have a multi- point locking system as standard. As an example our top seller personnel door which can be found here has a high security, heavy duty, drill and impact resistant, 19 point locking system including

  • 3 shoot bolts into top of frame
  • 8 shoot bolts into latching side of frame
  • 3 shoot bolts through bottom threshold into structure below
  • 4 dog bolts
  • Latch


Step 5 – Fail Safe

Always consider extra add-ons for extra security as there are features to look out for that can make your home even more secure. As standard our doors come with

  •  An anti jemmy bar lip all around the door leaf, including the hinge side
  •  Thick chrome plated mild steel lever handles (Heavy duty stainless steel handle upgrade is available to increase security)
  •  A euro profile cylinder with unique ABC locking system ( Heavy duty kite marked cylinder upgrade is available to further increase security providing features such as anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pull


Step 6 – You’ve Been Framed

It is all well and good ensuring your door is secure but what about the frame? If you have a steel door in a timber frame, it is almost as useful as a chocolate teapot, as burglars can easily gain access through simply destroying the frame and taking the entire door out! But with Latham’s you need not worry. All of our doors come complete with a cold rolled steel frame in either standard or heavy duty according to what door you order. With the frame in tow, our doors provide a tremendously high level of security, a hard job for even the most determined criminals.


Step 7 – Door Outwards And Security Upwards!

One thing that many people do not realise is that by having your door opening outwards increases security. So, looking at your door on the outside looking in, having your door open towards you is far better from a security aspect. Why is this may you ask? The answer is purely physics. If your door opens inward the criminal would have more physical force against breaking into your door by using their bodyweight as an advantage. A simple and free way of increasing security to your home!


To place an order or simply find out more about our high security doors, please get in touch and our dedicated sales team will be happy to help! You can find our contact details here.