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Security and safety are two paramount concerns for many people – whether that relates to their workplace, home or another building that they own. We have many people call us at Latham’s Steel Doors wanting to find out more about how they can protect their space with steel doors. It would surprise you just how versatile and diverse stock steel security doors can be. We surveyed our team to try and think of as many possibilities that we could come up with, and even we couldn’t believe just how many results we came up with.

The more common uses…

To begin with, there are the perhaps more obvious uses for a steel door. For example, many customers decide to add these to their flat or house, garage or outbuilding, workshop or shipping container, as an office door (both internally and externally), to secure a tack room, or as a fire exit door. Whatever the use, they all ultimately provide an optimum level of security and safety for the individual or the property contained within.

The more versatile uses…

Some of the more versatile uses we have come across have included on the side of a lorry, as part of a motor home, as a dummy refrigerator door on a TV programme, on a beach house in Barbados, at an Armed Forces training facility, in a fire training facility, and disposable sets were also used at a club. You might not believe us when we say it, but we’ve also had a small claim to fame when one of our doors was seen on an episode of Top Gear. The uses don’t stop there though. Our steel doors can also be used for music rooms, smoking shelters, sheds, bin rooms and communal areas. As our steel security doors are made from galvanised steel they are also well suited for use in pool rooms or wet rooms. With so many options, providing different levels of security, acoustic and thermal values, we can tailor a door to suit your needs.


Benefits to using a steel door

There are many benefits to using stock steel security doors, both as personnel doors and fire exits. Ultimately, they are a very strong deterrent against trespassers. Our steel doors, which feature our multi-point locking system, offer an excellent option for securing your premises or space. A secure door is particularly important for any commercial premises or homes that are left empty for a period of time, as these are the most vulnerable to theft, squatters, trespassers intending to commit illegal activity, or vandalism. It’s not only a large barrier to entry, but it’s also extremely effective in keeping people out that shouldn’t enter.

Of course, requirements for steel security doors can change depending on the type of property and its use. As such, these doors are available in a wide variety of sizes and custom specifications to ensure that security can be brought to any entry, no matter what is required. You can also get additional security that include anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-snap locking mechanisms on the cylinder or upgraded handles and locks, security drop bar kits, vision and louvre panels, and access devices such as code locks – to name just some.

Thanks to the fact our steel doors are made from galvanised steel, this means they are protected against rusting – which can quickly reduce the effectiveness of steel doors, as well as make them look unsightly. They are protected against the weather, while also offering superior insulation from any draughts and heat-loss. Additionally, they are low-maintenance and look smart – there’s no need to compromise on how they appear in your premises just because they’re there to protect you. We also offer a powder coating service for our doors, so you can buy steel doors in a variety of colours, meaning to all intents and purposes they look like any other normal door.

Our doors are also available at highly competitive prices, which beat many other providers across the United Kingdom and Europe.


Important fire protection

As well as providing a high level of security support, they offer a great level of fire protection. As such, they are often used as a fire safety door. With stock doors available with an FD30 fire rating (meaning they can withstand fire for up to 30 minutes), they can prevent draughts and cracks from allowing smoke to escape, and deter fire from spreading. This can help give you enough time to raise the alarm to fire services and escape. We also have fire doors available with an FD rating of up to FD240 available to special order.

Our doors are all compliant with fire regulations, meaning you can have peace of mind once they’re fitted. You should always consider fitting them alongside other fire safety equipment though, including fire alarms, smoke detectors, light-up fire exit signs, fire blankets and fire extinguishers.


Get your steel door ordered now

Ultimately, there are countless ways in which a steel door can be used. We can’t even count on our fingers, it’s that versatile! The two things it can guarantee you, however you choose to use it, are safety and security. With detailed fitting instructions included with each door, installation videos on our website and excellent customer support, you’re guaranteed an easy ride ahead.