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What is Equestrianism?

Equestrianism is an extremely popular activity worldwide, especially in the UK. It is a sport that entices many budding riders from early on. According to the British Horse Society, in 2015, there was an estimated 962,000 female riders and 348,000 male riders, meaning there were over 1 million regular riders in the UK alone. The equine industry is vast and has everything to do with horses, ponies and donkeys. It includes all businesses from riding schools to vetinary centres and from tack and clothing manufacturers to competition yards.

Whether you partake in equestrianism as a hobby, at an amateur level or at a more advanced and competitive level, one thing is for sure and that is you will all own equestrian tackle and if you own equestrian tackle you also know how expensive it is!


How much value really is in my tack room?

On average your stable or lock up will hold around £4,000 of equipment as standard and that is if your equipment is mid- price range and only catering for one horse. This would include stable and feeding equipment such as; wheelbarrow, fork, broom, feed and water buckets, feed storage bins etc., equine first aid kit, grooming kit, rubber matting, turnout rug, stable rug, leather saddle, leather bridle, riding clothes, riding hat, body protector, riding boots and high visibility vest and this list is not exhaustive. It may take years to only fulfil your equine supplies but also to find equipment that you are happy with and therefore it may not always be the financial devastation but the difficulty in replacing a lot of your items like for like not to mention the hassle in doing so. For this reason, here at Latham’s Security Doorsets we have found a huge increase in our security doors being purchased for equestrian properties, to make sure that all their tack is safe and secure and prevent the hassle and potential heartbreak of your tack room being broken in to and all of your gear being vandalised or stolen.


That is a lot of value in my tack room: how can I keep it safe and secure?

Here at Latham’s we understand that spending money on a door may not be your priority but keeping all your tack safe will be of upmost importance and that is where we can help.  Many of the steel doors we sell for equestrian properties do not need to look flash but need to look in line with the surroundings whilst providing great security. For this reason, one of our most popular selling security doors is the Heavy Duty flush personnel door. Priced at just £189.99 + VAT it gives a great level of security and as they come as standard in white, they can also be painted to fit in with the aesthetics of the barns and stables that surround it. This heavy duty door is only £50 more than our Standard duty but we feel the extra security a must. Equestrian properties are quite commonly known be fairly secluded in the countryside and unmanned a lot of the time, not to mention the readily available tools lying around stables that can be used by determined criminals to attempt breaking and entering. So really a small price to pay for that added protection.


What if I want even more security than a heavy duty door?

However, if you are still looking for that extra security, we are now excited to also offer a further upgrade from the heavy duty to the Ultra door! After many enquiries regarding a product that would increase security further for properties such as equestrian tack rooms we decided to add a higher security door to our stock range. Priced at £269.99 + Vat our Multi Point Locking Ultra High Security Steel Door Set (Ultra Heavy Duty) is a little pricier than the heavy duty but again a small price to pay given the added security in comparison to the value of items in your tack room and may also subsequently save you money on any insurance premiums you may have to pay for. These ultra doors come fully loaded with a unique anti jemmy lip; preventing criminals to lever their way in using surrounding tools or specialised equipment and also have upgraded shoot bolts and steel handles as standard. However, if you are unsure on what security standard to go for please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service advisors who would be more than happy to help you with your decision.


What makes Latham’s doors different from the others and better for my tack room?

We have been doing a lot of research for all of the equestrian lovers out there and have surprisingly found that there are not many manufacturers around, if any, that provide tack room doors with such high grade steel, such a high level of security and with an affordable price tag to match. In fact most tack room doors are made from UPVc or wood, not really great if you are housing expensive gear inside. One great thing about our steel doors is not only are they far more secure than UPVc and timber doors, they are also 100% galvanised. This means that come rain or shine our doors WILL NEVER rust. Keeping them very low maintenance and perfect for the outdoors.


Do your doors fit into the existing frame?

No, it is also important to know that all of the security doors at Latham’s come complete with a steel frame, so it is not just the door leaf itself but the entire structure that carries our high level of guaranteed security. Many doors fit into an existing frame in an opening and this can severely compromise security, one thing not a lot of people know or even consider. When our customers have enquired about putting a door into an equestrian building we have found a common misconception and that is the fact, that they mainly have existing timber frames and have only considered the possibility of changing the leaf itself, and so this type of upgrade to a steel door from Latham’s is an unbelievable improvement on the safety of your tack room contents. Even our standard duty flush personnel door that we mentioned earlier, comes with a 19 point locking system comprising of  15 ‘moving’ points and 4 static dog bolts on the hinge side.


What about the door hardware, does that have a high level of security too?

You may also be interested to know that our high standard of security is also implemented into the door hardware. A set of chrome plated Hooply handles come with every personnel door purchased from us (unless you upgrade at the point of order) but we do offer upgraded Hooply handles featuring anti drill covers in different styles if you are looking to not only upgrade security but aesthetics too! You can upgrade your cylinder for just £25 + VAT making your new lock anti pick, anti snap, anti drill, anti bump and anti pull.


What if I can’t see the required door sizes in your stock doors or what if i need a door with a unique function i.e. vision panel?

Whatever your need, if you find that we don’t have it in our stock door range please don’t worry, at Latham’s Security Doorsets we offer many alternatives. We can provide and fit vision panels and louvre panels into our doors at an affordable charge and we also offer custom made doors in any size and therefore if you have any special requirements or you would like a made to measure door please give us a call and we will help you as best as we can.