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As the name suggests, acoustic doors are doors specifically produced with the soundproofing of a room, or even whole building, in mind. They help to control acoustics.

There are several reasons that the control of acoustics and soundproofing may be required within a single room or sometimes whole apartment block. This is an effect that is achieved by installing doors that have been designed to absorb sound, reduce amplitude, or lower the transmission of sounds in a building.

Choosing a door which has been custom built means that you can reduce the amplitude by a number of decibels (dB). Steel doors are an excellent choice for acoustic doors because they are so thick and durable, and keep sound pollution from indoors at a minimum.


How are steel acoustic doors tested and certified?

UK requirements for measuring sound intrusion are very specific and need to be tested independently to check for performance against the range of frequencies. As a solution to a noise problem, steel acoustic doors can be used in conjunction with reinforced walls to effectively lower noise transmission and muffle sound.


Who needs acoustic doors?

Once upon a time, acoustic doors would have been solely enjoyed within music studios or radio control rooms, since these areas require some control over sound. However, particularly with the way in which population density has affected living conditions, they form an essential part of designing any new build and are being turned to in many homes in order to protect privacy and provide security.

Of course, the acoustic door still very much has its place in music studios and recording rooms, as well as schools, universities and colleges offering sound-related courses.

This includes anything from media and journalism courses, which cover podcasting and radio recording, to traditional music schools with recording studios, rehearsal rooms and areas for track recording.


Acoustic doors reduce sound transmission

The professional capability of an acoustic door is not limited to locations where sound is a premium – they reduce sound transmission, which can be effective in many other environments. For example, they can be useful for creating privacy and eliminating sounds in hospitals, retirement homes, lecture halls, offices and sports halls, as well as for hotels and accommodation.

The need for privacy in domestic situations also means that acoustic doors can be installed to improve the privacy of individual flats or apartments within a building. Particularly since 2003, although not regulated, private buildings are expected to address reasonable noise transmission within the walls. As such, the thickness of the walls combined with the application of a steel acoustic door can produce effective noise control, reducing noise complaints and resulting in harmonious neighbourhoods.


Steel acoustic doors offer security

A key feature of acoustic doors is that they double up as security doors. Music studios need to contain sound in order to provide the cleanest sounding recordings. The ability to isolate each instrument leads to cleaner production.

Additionally, these are places with an extremely high inventory of niche and expensive equipment. This means that their equipment runs the risk of being stolen. A steel door provides the dual benefit of reducing noise transmission and protecting the space it closes off.

With an acoustic steel door in place, any music studio, recording studio, radio or television premises is covering their insurance by ensuring that the contents are protected. This extends to private premises also: anywhere that omits noise, requires privacy and/or holds valuables is worth acoustic door consideration. Each door we make is bespoke, meaning that you can add additional safety features such as coded locking, limiting accessibility to code holders only.


Made-to-measure steel acoustic doors

We create bespoke steel acoustic doors for residential and commercial properties. Each bespoke steel door comes with a frame which has the requisite seals in place to reduce noise. All doors can be accessorised with code locks, to optimise security and provide an enhanced level of protection. With a custom made door, we can fit the door to your specified size and shape, as well as adding panels for visibility. Your door will be crafted to fit your specific needs and tested to measure its response to soundwaves and frequencies to ensure that it clears the UK industry standards.

All steel doors we make and fit adhere to fire safety regulations, making them a safe and secure choice for reducing noise and keeping good relations with neighbours. To speak to us about a custom door for your building or complex, please drop us a line or call today, and we will let you know how we can meet your needs and provide a reinforced steel door to protect your space.


To soundproof a room or building, create a Custom Acoustic Door here.