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Security is a major concern for any business. And while there are certain basic measures we all take to protect and preserve stock, infrastructure and materials, it’s clear that the higher quality your fittings, the more secure it will all be.

When the words “steel” and “door” are spoken together, it probably conjures images of some modern version of Fort Knox, or an impenetrable twenty-first century drawbridge and portcullis affair. Unfriendly, impersonal and unattractive.

Contrary to popular misconception however, steel doors aren’t always imposing and metallic or studded with rivets bigger than your average fist. Steel doors have many different uses and a vast range of benefits.


External doors

Given the security features that come as standard, deploying a steel security door on the exterior of your shop will give a strong and reassuring first line of defence, with fifteen-point locking system embedded in the door set; dog bolts secure the door to the frame, so even the most determined intruder will struggle to remove your door and get into your building.


Internal doors

Attractive and pleasing to the eye, internal personnel doors can be customised with a colour scheme to match an existing look – not all have to be white and clinical. Vision panels – essentially a pane of glass built into the door leaf – allows a softer look with a functional effect, while the 6 Georgian panel effect gives an appealing alternative to the ‘flush’ door.

Once again, the complete locking system can ensure that these doors, when used as a divider between public and staff or back-of-house areas, remain secure and locked down. This is especially important when valuables, sensitive information or personal items are being stored.


Fire Exit Doors

The simple system employed in the three-point fire and emergency door locking mechanism ensure ease of use, while retaining the security benefits that keep your shop safe. Designed for ease of use in an emergency situation; such as a fire, the push-bar system releases the door quickly and simply.

For all of the sophistication of multi-point locking systems, being able to escape a burning shop without obstruction or hindrance is, quite literally, a matter of life and death.



The versatility of steel doors make them ideal as partitions, particularly if your business involves sensitive processes, such as examination procedures or client consultations and treatments. Being able to separate and lock off specific space affords additional levels of privacy to customers, while the acoustic properties also mean that any sensitive conversations or discussions are safeguarded.

Similarly, back office space can be separated through the deployment of a secure door, allowing staff information, customer accounts, takings and important data to be securely kept in line with legislation and data protection laws.



Where perishable or environment-sensitive stock is concerned, being able to control not only the immediate environment but also access to it can seriously affect a profit margin. A high level of security has many applications in this instance, allowing you to keep strict control over your inventory and also defend against unwanted vermin, infestation or spoiling through the introduction of unwanted draughts and moisture.

Not only do steel security doors go a long way in preventing intruders of the human kind, but their thermal seal helps to regulate temperature, minimise draughts and ensure no access to pests.

So we know there are several applications for your personnel and emergency doors, but what about the benefits to your business?


The benefits of a secure shop floor

1. Lowering your insurance premiums

With a multitude of different insurance requirements for shop and business premises, being able to demonstrate your commitment to a secure setting is key to minimising your premiums. We offer an ultra-secure door featuring a multi-point locking system encased by a 90 kilogram, 70mm thick door leaf.  

2. Customer comfort

Minimising factors that could detract from your customers’ experiences in your shop should be a priority. We are talking draughts, gusts, and sweltering heat. Luckily, with draught and weatherproof seals pre-fitted to the door set, you can ensure you won’t give your customers a chill. And you’ll probably keep your heating bills down, too!

3. Noise

Likewise, the standard fittings on steel shop doors bring with them the highest acoustic values – so you can keep the shop space separate from any back-of-house areas. And that means you can sing to your heart’s content while you unpack your latest stock delivery.

4. Legal compliance

Disability legislation concerns us all in the modern day. With equal opportunities at the top of the agenda, it’s never been more important to ensure you comply in every way. Features of these doors include raised weatherproof lip – at only 12mm high – and a resultant reduced trip hazard, which comply with current regulations.

5. On-brand security products

We know you have worked hard to build your shop’s look and appearance, develop your presence and a distinctive look. So the last thing you want is for a boring, standard door to ruin all that carefully-created brand magic. Powder colour coating helps combat this, giving you the peace of mind of a secure shop door, without compromising on the appearance. Add in fresh, stylish handle options and we reckon you’ll have no complaints with the look of your new door.

Your business is your livelihood, and keeping it draught proofed, locked down and secure are necessarily top of your priorities.

It may seem like you’re just putting in a new door, but we truly believe that with steel doors you can get maximum security, visual impact and peace of mind for a vast array of uses.


Secure your shop floor with a steel security Personnel Door.