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Home ownership is falling throughout the UK. Specifically, home ownership has hit its lowest level since the 1980s. The private rental market is thriving, however. Traditional property prices are reaching unassailable heights, particularly for the young; just over 40 percent of 25-34 year olds are in a position to secure themselves a mortgage, compared to 64 percent of 35-44 year olds.

Disappointed homeowners are forced to seek alternative living arrangements. More often than not this takes the form of rental agreements. Rented properties do not require the same amount of financial security as mortgages. Because of this they are easier to secure.

But renting a property is also a financial sinkhole. Rent disappears each month without anything permanent to show for it.

One alternative, which increasing numbers of prospective homeowners are engaging, is the converted shipping container.

Domestic bliss

Shipping contains do not immediately inspire images of domestic comfort. Traditionally their purpose is to secure large quantities of goods from manufacturer to supplier, for example. Often these journeys require overseas travel for weeks or months at a time.

These kinds of requirements require shipping contains to be structurally robust, expertly engineered, and weatherproof, in order to guarantee the safety and quality of the goods inside.

Goods are often transported in bulk this way, making cargo valuable, and damage costly.

These same qualities that make shipping containers excellent transportation mediums also make them structurally sound residential prospects.

Recycled residencies

As the world becomes more and more concerned about sustainability, architects are reflecting this. The shipping container is the ideal starting point for a green property project.

A recycled shipping container saves developers and homeowners thousands on building costs, materials, and time. As excellent insulators, energy costs are low, and their adaptability is huge, making them incredibly versatile housing prospects.

They also require very little room, and can be built upwards, or “stacked”, making them suitable for high density, low space urban environments.

Shipping container aesthetics

General queries concern the look of shipping container homes. On their own, shipping containers are not inspiring objects, but an imaginative designer with a theme can use the basic shipping container structure as a springboard from which to design utterly astonishing shipping container homes.

See this Micro House (Skit 2014) designed by Dachi Papuashvil, or the environmentally positive Ecopod.

Shipping containers are great opportunities for aspiring homeowners and creative architects to design the home they have always wanted.


Why isn’t everyone repurposing shipping containers?

With the property market so tough and shipping container homes so advantageous, it is interesting to examine why more prospective homeowners aren’t embracing the converted shipping container.

  • Shipping container homes are unconventional. New territory can be frightening, and create anxiety in potential homeowners
  • While much cheaper than traditional property, shipping containers still represent a large financial investment. Many homeowners are unwilling to invest in something so unconventional
  • As new territory, it is difficult to predict how shipping container homes’ value will hold in years to come
  • Shipping containers can require intensive work in order to convert them into comprehensive living quarters
  • Security – while shipping containers are inherently robust, their doors are not. Homeowners need to feel safe and secure in their home, whatever form it takes


Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets

Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets’ full product range can be designed to suit shipping container needs, securing your residential shipping container against crime, weather, environmental damage and other outside forces.

Our steel security doors guarantee industry-leading protection for converted shipping container, giving homeowners the peace of mind they need to embrace their dream converted shipping container home.


Our standard steel security doors feature:

  • High quality steel door leaf
  • Stainless Steel hinges
  • 19 point locking system as minimum, including dog bolts and latches
  • Reinforced fixing plates
  • Drill and impact resistant locking system available

Every product also comes with detailed CAD drawings, technical drawings, specification sheets and fitting instructions, facilitating steel security doors into your shipping container structural designs.

Shipping container homes are still a new concept but this doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Properly secured and carefully designed, shipping container homes represent affordable alternatives to traditional UK property.

Talk to Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets today on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us here to find out how our we can secure your converted shipping container.