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In 2015, over five million commercial properties in the UK were a victim of crime. 318,000 of these led to assaults or threats and a further 103,000 resulted in extreme criminal damage (Part of Crime Statistics, Focus on Property Crime, 2013/14 Release). These figures are alarming and should not to be taken lightly.

A secure door provides the first and hopefully the last barrier between your shop and a determined criminal. Being a company that specialises in security doors, our focus is always that you, the customer, are given the best advice as to how to keep your shop, your business, and possibly your livelihood safe and secure from any criminal threats.

Whatever your business, you will more than likely have a personnel door that staff and even customers may use. This means you may want to ensure that your door is not only safe and secure but also appealing to the eye. Here is our guide on what to consider and at Latham’s Security Doorsets there is a wide range to choose from.


Visual Appeal

If your shop or business has doors that are used by, or even visible to, the public, you may be interested in flush or panelled doors. These doorsets give a more inviting look in both standard duty and heavy duty with a multi point locking system to ensure the door’s security. On top of this, we also stock a variety of handle designs to make your door unique.



All of our steel doors come in standard duty and heavy duty to ensure that you can determine the level of security you need. When considering doors for your shop or business, you may find that you would prefer a heavy duty steel door externally on your property and opt for a standard duty internally to keep a specific room secure as well.

This may be a room such as the manager’s office, where important documents or petty cash may be kept during operating hours or overnight. This extra barrier will act as a further deterrent for criminals should they gain access to your shop or business.

We also offer security upgrades such as security cylinders and code locks that can be found here.


Fire safety

You may be interested to know that we also now stock fire rated doors (up to ½ hour) giving enough time for you to evacuate yourself and your customers in case of an emergency.

If you need a higher fire rating, we also offer bespoke fire rated doors. If you would like any further advice on this please feel free to contact one of our customer advisors.



It may be important that you have doors that provide you with a visual of certain rooms in your shop. Maybe you have a small shop where you would like to see customers come to the door or maybe you would like a steel security door on your office where you can look out on to the shop floor. This is not a problem for us; we provide a range of vision panels that can be purchased with a DIY fitting kit or fitted here at our premises (for an extra charge) on your request, to fulfil your requirements.


What about your fire exit? 

When choosing securitydoors for your shop or business you may also need to consider a fire exit. Our fire doors come equipped with an external key lock and internal push bar system, making it quick and easy for yourself and your customers to evacuate your premises in case of an emergency.

Our wide range is flexible to meet your requirements, including single leaf, leaf and a half, and double steel doors. These can also be modified by adding vision or louvre panels to ensure the door not only meets all of your safety requirements and building regulations, but also gives you a secure and aesthetically pleasing fire exit.

Security Tip: Want to add a further security feature in your shop? Why not have a look at our Dummy CCTV cameras priced at just £4.99 plus VAT. Easy to install and with a low price tag, these dummy cameras are proven to be a deterrent to criminals. Place them in a highly visible area and let the flashing red light ward of any criminal activity.

Secure your shop floor with a steel security Personnel Door.