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From London’s Container Cities to New York’s LOT-EK Concept Tower, shipping container architecture is making statements worldwide.

Traditionally shipping containers are the product of supply chain logistics and business transportation areas, used to secure goods against criminal activity and adverse weather conditions during long distance shipments and trave.

Shipping containers still play an important role in this area, but increasingly designers and architects are turning their attentions towards shipping containers, using them to create everything from Ecopods to entire shipping container communities.


Shipping Container Inspiration

The Ecopod. Formed from a single shipping container, the Ecopod takes advantage of the shipping container’s structural resilience to create an appealing home off the grid.

Cost-effective, eco-friendly and progressive in the face of increasing trends towards urbanisation, the Ecopod is an excellent example of how a used shipping container can be turned into breathtaking architecture.

Metal walls keep the structure safe from environmental damage and weather. Solar panels can provide energy, while other recyclable materials and a range of natural substances form the basis of furnishing and extras for a cutting-edge “green” living experience.

LOT-EK Concept Tower. Made from a combination of metal mesh, concrete slabs and shipping containers, the Lafayette Street tower offers breathtaking living and working spaces in the downtown courthouse area of Manhattan.

Much like London’s Container Cities, the tower is the response to New York’s urban space issue, utilising air space instead of ground space for improved living conditions.

The shipping containers protrude from the tower, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding city contrasted with the translucent views of the mesh-clad surfaces.

Micro House, Skit 2014. Religion meets architecture in this astonishing creation. Once again shipping containers form the basis, this time for a micro home. Shaped like a cross, it would make the perfect retreat for a priest or vicar seeking meditative time to his or herself.

Designed by Dachi Papuashvili, the micro home is to be made from two stacked shipping containers, creating four stories, two outside observation decks and a spacious porch.

Much like the Ecopod, the micro house strives for self sufficiency, drawing from solar panels, rain, and a composting toilet to provide for its guest.


Repurposing your shipping container

Shipping containers can be repurposed into almost anything with enough planning. Existing examples range from residential units to commercial spaces, bars, and studios. Whatever their repurposed function, security is always a concern.

Shipping containers are inherently secure, but their doors are not. A weak door makes a shipping container vulnerable to criminal activity, including theft, burglary and criminal damage.

Repurposed shipping containers are typically high value, and represent investments of time, and personal attachment, in addition to financial investments. It is critical that architects and designers consider their shipping container’s door security for well-rounded, secure shipping container conversions.


Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets

We are the home of steel security doors. With thousands of steel security doors in stock, we are able to meet large bulk orders and single orders with immediate effect. Businesses, residences and industrial units across the country have benefitted from the increased security offered by our steel security doors.

We also offer bespoke steel security door manufacturing, enabling us to design the specific steel security doors our customers need to ensure their security.

This service also means we can manufacture shipping container doors, using a combination of industry knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and welding skills to design the very best in customisable steel security doors


We provide a wide range of doors to suit any shipping container style:

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  • Users working long hours inside a shipping container For office shipping container conversions, users might enjoy the through-flow created by our Louvre Panels, offering 50% more airflow (£64.99 + VAT) and more manageable control of natural light levels.

The possibilities for shipping container conversions are exciting, but practical aspects like security should not be overlooked. Shipping container conversions represent a solid investment; protect yours with Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets today.

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