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It won’t come as a surprise that there’s little more robust than a shipping container. After all, they’re designed to carry up to 30 million tonnes of cargo, be stacked one on top of the other, and withstand the toughest that the world’s oceans can throw at them.

However, what may surprise people is their versatility. Shipping containers are increasingly being repurposed as beautiful homes, chemical and fuel stores, art galleries, workshops, and much more.
Although, for all their strength, affordability, and versatility, a shipping container is only as safe as the doors that lead into it.


If you’re repurposing a shipping container for anything, companies like Latham’s produce some of the best container doors on the market. Let’s take a look.


General Purpose Container Doors

Our standard duty budget range of steel doors are ideal if security isn’t a major factor. From £139.99+VAT, our multi point locking steel door, pre-hung in it’s frame is the most cost effective way of putting a door into a container. Not to mention, even in standard duty construction, it’s much stronger than a comparable uPVC or timber door.


Security Doors

Our heavy duty and ultra duty doors are ordered day in, day out by customers as purposeful security doors for the container conversion market. Simply let us know the RAL colour and we’ll finish the door to match the colour of the container or your branding.


Fire Exit Doors

If you intend to use your shipping container as an office, bar, or event facility, a tailored fire exit door will ensure safety and peace of mind. You can fit a lot of people in a 40 foot container, but you also want to ensure they can get out if there’s an emergency.


Georgian Panelled Steel Doors

If you’re using your converted shipping container for a solely functional purpose, a solid steel door will do the trick. However, if you’re one of the increasing numbers of people who are installing steel security doors in their homes, businesses, and showrooms, you’ll love the attractive panelled doors on the market. The six panels give a homely, attractive quality, but the 19-point locking system offers a surprise to any criminal who thinks they’re dealing with an ordinary door.


Glazed Doors

Shipping containers can sometimes feel a bit oppressive, due to a lack of natural light, which is where a secure door with a vision panel comes in handy. The same applies if you’re operating an office inside a shipping container but want customers to not be intimidated by a solid, blank door. While it’s likely you’ll want the vision panel positioned near the top of the door, it’s possible to have much larger rectangular panes of glass positioned top and bottom, to allow maximum light transmittance.


Louvre Panel Doors

If the prospect of working or hosting guests inside a shipping container conjures images of sweaty, sticky people sitting side-by-side, you can take advantage of the air conditioning inherent in a louvre panel door. While the doors themselves are solid, the louvre panels increase airflow by up to 50%. Similar to vision panel doors, there are numerous configurations of the louvre panels themselves, adding to the aesthetic and practical appeal of these doors.

Shipping containers are practical, they’re becoming fashionable and allow for an intelligent use of space. Fitting them with the right doors eliminates your security concerns while adding appeal and serving as a deterrent. Don’t let your doors let you down.


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