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How To Deal With Business Crime

The repercussions of crime are far-reaching, and go well beyond damaged property or stolen goods. Crime is a counter-culture, instilling fear, creating anxiety, and causing stress in its victims. When these victims are business owners, fear, anxiety and stress can be manifold. Running a business is stressful enough without the added weight of robbery, burglary and criminal damage.

Councils throughout the UK offer an advice section for victims, broken down into different subsections according to the nature of the crime, but the advice itself is brief and procedural. What follows is a more comprehensive advisory article tailored for business owners.


Stolen property

The most obvious crime to affect business owners is the theft of your goods. Theft comes in a number of shapes and forms, from opportunistic shoplifting to burglary and robbery. While they vary in severity, all have the net effect of robbing you of products and profits.

It is normal to worry about money, but this worry can become exaggerated when the success of your business is on the line. So what can you do to help prevent your property from being stolen?

  • Vigilant staff. Encourage staff to keep a watchful eye on shoppers, in particular looking out for suspicious behaviour.
  • Time-delayed safe. Making regular deposits into a time-delayed safe ensures only you know when you can get to your daily takings. For extra security, vary the safe’s access times often.
  • Surveillance system. A strong deterrent for opportunistic and premeditated crimes alike, surveillance increases the risks associated with stealing from your premises while serving as a source of evidence in court later. Use footage to ID known criminals, and monitor the shop floor.

Illegal entry

Illegal entry of your business property usually refers to cases of trespass and burglary. Many victims of property invasion experience feelings of fear and anxiety long after the crime itself has taken place. It is normal to feel this way; the security of your premises has been tested and found to be lacking. If criminals can break into your property once, they can and might do so again.

Fortunately, this kind of crime is easy to protect against. Here are a few methods to help secure your business premises and your peace of mind:

  • Toughened glass. Shop windows are often the weak point in a property’s security. Buck the trend and reinforce your glass to help prevent unlawful entry.
  • Secure locks. A simple but often overlooked procedure – lock up after yourself! Additional locks can be added as necessary to tighten down your premises’ access points.
  • Steel doors. Nothing protects a property quite like a steel door. Impervious to a huge range of tools, steel doors are the ultimate in business security, ensuring the only people entering your property are those with approved access.

Criminal damage / arson

Criminal damage is defined as deliberately or recklessly destroying or damaging someone else’s home, building, vehicle or other items. Vandalism and graffiti are criminal damage. Graffiti includes painting, writing, soiling, marking and defacing property.

Criminal damage can also be incredibly distressing as a result of the violence and malevolence typically associated with crimes of this nature. To save yourself from going through this, we recommend:

  • Roller shutters. If valuable products live in your shop windows, or expensive office technology is visible from the street, roller shutters are an excellent way of keeping them safe, placing a physical barrier between your business and potential criminals.
  • Fire alarm. While not preventative, the faster the emergency services can respond to a case of arson, the more of your business might be saved.
  • Fire-rated doors. Fire-rated doors are steel doors specifically designed for protection against fire and arson. Because they prevent unlawful entry and protect against criminal damage and arson, they represent particular value for cost.


Business crimes are among the most upsetting kind. Owning or managing a business is stressful enough without the fear and anxiety of criminal activity adding to this.

So take the time to consider your situation, make appropriate investments to the security of your premises, and enjoy your business as it is intended to be enjoyed, safe in the knowledge that it’s safe, too.

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